Play Now! - Level 1 (SAMPLE)

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The PLAY NOW! Online Piano Course: Level 1 (SAMPLE)

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Experience the innovative Play Now! Approach to learning tthe piano with this FREE sample. Access self-paced tutorial videos and printables and learn on your own schedule. You'll also have an opportunity to record and your playing and get online feedback from me.

The Play Now! piano learning approach has students playing quickly and easily because the more technical tasks of music reading are delayed until playing skills are developed. As a result, you're learning faster and you're more motivated because you're playing immediately. "Play Now" makes learning easy with "Song Maps" and video tutorials that you can access whenever you want.

This FREE sample course is taken from the regular Level 1 course. Currently, there are 3 levels online and Level 4 will be up shortly with more on the way. Each level contains 10-12 lessons. Get "forever" access to this sample course now. You have nothing to lose!

All lessons are in English and created for children (age 9+), teens, and adults anywhere in the world. They can be accessed from your computer, phone or tablet.

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I would love to have any feedback you have on this course by taking the evaluation survey at the end.


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