PLAY NOW! Online Piano Course Series

Learn to play piano online quickly and easily

Piano Lessons for the New Century

  • Do you want to learn to play the piano quickly without years of boring exercises?
  • Would you like to take lessons whenever you want without even leaving home?
  • Are you looking for an easy approach to learn piano quickly?

Get ready for a non-conventional piano method. If you took lessons before, you probably quit because of slow progress or boring music. Methods of the past required students to learn the complex language of music notation before you could play good songs. After teaching this way for several years (the way I learned), I realized that beginners can develop good playing skills much faster than reading skills.

The Play Now! piano learning approach has students playing quickly and easily as the more technical tasks of music reading are tackled after basic playing skills are developed and in small bites. Like we learn language, we "speak" (play) before we learn to read music. By learning piano in this natural way, you'll learn faster and you'll be more motivated with the great songs you're playing.

Online Piano Course

Take these innovative online courses on your own schedule with or without optional, live, online sessions. Additional levels are also being added and will be available to you automatically with your subscription.

All lessons are in English and for children (age 10+), teens, and adults anywhere in the world.

Preview these courses now by clicking on one of the levels below. Also, take advantage of this limited-time offer: $27off (free month) with code: STARTPIANO.



  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Tutorial videos
  • Printable sheet music, exercises, worksheets
  • Message Forum - ask questions anytime
  • Record your playing and get helpful online feedback
  • Combine with optional live, online sessions for individual coaching and customized feedback
  • Join periodic master class webinars
  • Get access to all levels for one low monthly subscription
  • Access on any device
  • Great for adults (ages 15+), retirees and those in rural areas and large cities.
  • Make your own learning schedule. Stay on each lesson as long as you need.
  • No driving to a teacher's studio. Access lessons anytime you want.
  • Less expensive than in-person music lessons.


  • How to build major and minor chords anywhere on the keyboard
  • 12-Bar Blues Improvisation
  • The most popular chords in music (primary and secondary chords)
  • Improvise on popular chord progressions
  • How to chord most non-classical sheet music with little or no practice
  • How to read printed music

Courses Included with Purchase

Play Now! - Level 1
Make Music a Lifelong Companion
Terry Smith
Play Now! - Level 2
Make Music a Lifelong Companion
Terry Smith
Play Now! - Level 3
Make Music a Lifelong Companion
Terry Smith

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